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Our expertise includes the physical and numerical simulation of manufacturing processes and virtual product development. We develop solutions for material and energy efficiency of components using numerical and experimental methods.

Based on the physical and numerical investigations, the component /manufacturing processes can be optimized.


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Ossama Dreibati

Dr.-Ing. Ossama Dreibati


School leaving examination 1992

University studies- Mechanical engineeing 1992-1997  „Production technique and mechanical design“ at the Tischrin university  /Syria

Employee by Syrian Telekom until 2003

Diploma Study 2003-2007 in field „Mechanical Engineering Design“ at the TU Ilmenau / Germany

Development engineer and mechanical designer by Automobil industry 2007- 2008

2009 – 2013 Research associate in the department Joining technology and welding technique at the BTU- Cottbus-Senftenberg/Germany

2013 till end of 2015 Research associate in the departement for component safty and light weight design at the Fraunhofer Institute for  mechanics of materials IWM in Freiburg/Germany

PHD with Award in the departement for Joining technology and welding technique at the BTU- Cottbus-Senftenberg. Thesis „Physical welding simulation of cold crack susceptibility“ 2014


End of 2015 Founding of the Engineer office Dreibati for applied simulation and mechanical design

"Ingenieurbüros für angewandte Simulation und Konstruktion"

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