Low cost welding simulation

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Development of a welding tool for CalculiX

the extended capabilities of CalculiX:

  • sequential welding simulation thermal (transient) --> meschanical (static)
  • Definition of welding trajectory for the heat source (consists of nodes OR points with 3D-coordinates)
  • Definition of reference line (consists of nodes OR points with 3D-coordinates) for the local calculating of tourch angle in the plain normal to the weld trajectory.

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In this homepage you will find further information about:

  • Material characterization and modeling
  • Physical simulation of manufacturing processes
  • Welding simulation
  • Simulation of heat treatment
  • Product development and computer aided design (CAD)

Laser welding simulation of closed square weld

Modeled with Salome and simulated with CalculiX

We support you in developing your products / components from conception (idea generation and design methodology) via the experimental and numerical analysis (material characterization, modeling, thermo-metallurgical and mechanical calculation and much more) to the final product (prototype).

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